AeroTURN is the premier software for carrying out aircraft turn simulations and swept path analysis to evaluate spatial requirements at stands, aprons, taxiways, runways, and other airport facilities.



New! Aircraft database expansion

AeroTURN includes the ability to install additional aircraft libraries anytime they are made available. You can conveniently download the new expanded library with over 130 new commercial, cargo, military aircraft and helicopters.

New! Generate maximum effort turning

Perform high angle turns to assess an aircraft’s maximum effort turning maneuvers under differential braking and check if an airfield design can accommodate large aircraft in tight spaces.

New! Steerable main gear

With AeroTURN, you can engage or disengage the steerable main gear (for supported aircraft models) while performing a forward turning simulation. Linkage ratios are also supplied within the aircraft database.

New! Generate independent paths

Copy a simulation and then continue generating new independent aircraft paths from the main section. This saves you time when you explore different maneuvers from the last point of a simulation rather than having to recreate the prior path completely.

New! Dynamically updating aircraft radius

In AeroTURN’s Path Control tool, you can now visually note the change in an aircraft radius and steering angle when maneuvering an aircraft during path editing. This will ensure that the vehicle’s turning abilities are not exceeded.

Smartpath tools for aircraft maneuvers

The advanced aircraft swept path simulation features let you test airside ground movements to prevent incidents between vehicles, aircraft, and airport facilities. Check jet blast contours at idle, breakaway, and takeoff velocities for the design of blast fences and ramp safety needs.

Pushback capability

Generate speed based aircraft pushback and towing (tractor plus towbar) operations from a filtered list of compatible tractor and aircraft combinations. This functionality includes the ability to mark the nosewheel path of the aircraft for both towing and pushback operations with multiple drive modes.

Airside design features

With AeroTURN, you can set jet blast envelopes during turn simulations to test the affect on ground operations or to determine placement of blast fences and staging areas. Position tracking points on or off the aircraft for envelope creation to evaluate restricted aircraft ground movements.

Operational and safety requirements

Use aircraft fueling points operational radii to place stop lines, set safety distances from terminal walls, and calculate operating distances from underground fueling tanks. Insert a template of standard ground vehicle servicing arrangements around stand to prevent conflict between ground crews / servicing vehicles at neighboring aircraft.

Comprehensive aircraft library

AeroTURN includes an extensive aircraft library with manufacturer’s specifications (including FAA groups and ICAO codes) right at your fingertips. Pick from over 200 aircraft from Airbus, BAe, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Embraer, Fokker, Lockheed, and many more.

Reporting functionality

Place aircraft symbols (i.e. jet blasts, fueling and service points), run airside animations, and create aircraft turning reports. Save data along with graphics, export it to enterprise reporting programs, share it with different departments and use it in client demonstrations.

For Gate Design and Docking

For an even more powerful solution for gate design layouts and bridge docking scenarios using libraries of passenger boarding bridges, ground support vehicles, and towbar and towbarless tractors – check out AeroTURN Pro.

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